We work with our clients on psychometric testing for new hires as well as for developmental needs of existing employees. Aptitude testing is typically applied to our skill development programs to assess suitability of candidates to undergo specific courses as well as for career counseling for high school students. The various area explored are ability, personality, aptitude, intelligence, memory and motivation.

We typically use third party popular tools like, the 16 PF, MBTI, Differential Aptitude Test (DAT), Ravens Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM), Multi-dimensional Assessment of Personality Scale (MAP), Non Verbal Test of Intelligence (NVTI), and the Interest Inventory .

The various tests are used either of the following purposes- .

  • Candidate Profiling: To find the right candidate for the required role using the tests that are uniquely customized to suit the candidate fitment to the role & organization
  • As part of organisation’s internal promotion process that help them objectively scan the best person to move up to the next level
  • As part of their Training Need Analysis to help the employees grow up the ladder & serve the organization better with appropriate training
  • Career Counseling for High School Students
  • To assist candidates to choose appropriate skills development programs depending on their personality, ability and interest

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